Properties Tips

Properties Tips

Objects in Figma can have a range of properties applied to them.

In this part of our Figma tips and tricks series we’ll look at ways to work with properties, better and faster!

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TIP 01.

Copy Single or Multiple Properties Between Objects

In Figma you can copy all properties from an object, or you can copy them one at a time.

TIP 02.

Smooth Out Corners With “Squircles”

You can control how corners are rounded by using something known as “squircles”.

TIP 03.

Toggle Italic, Underline, and Bold

Much as you would in a word processing application, you can use shortcuts to toggle italic (CTRL or CMD) + i, underline (CTRL or CMD) + u, and bold (CTRL or CMD) + b when a text object is selected.

TIP 04.


Instead of typing values in, you can scrub through values in a settings field by holding down ALT or OPTION (depending on your platform), then dragging left or right in that field.

TIP 05.

Nudge Color Values

You can refine the color picker values (or field) by hitting the up or down arrow keys. Nudge with larger increments by holding down SHIFT at the same time.