Project, Page & Artboard Tips

Project, Page & Artboard Tips

Welcome to the next in our series of Figma tips and tricks!

This time we’ll be improving the way you work with Figma projects, pages, and artboards.

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TIP 01.

Customize Project Thumbnails

It’s perfectly possible to create custom project thumbnails which will show up in your dashboard drafts area.

TIP 02.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Between Pages

Navigating between pages with a keyboard shortcut makes things much quicker. 

TIP 03.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Between Artboards

It’s also possible to navigate between artboards using the keyboard. On Mac OS use fn + left or right arrow keys, and on Windows use Home or End.

TIP 04.

Navigate and Zoom Between Artboards

By default, when you’re navigating through your artboards with the keyboard shortcuts they’ll remain at the same zoom level.

TIP 05.

Enhance Artboard Boundary Visibility

When you have artboards with the same backround color as your overall document it can be difficult to see where the edges of your frames are.