On Canvas Tips

On Canvas Tips

Welcome to more Figma tips and tricks!

This time we’ll be looking at five things to help you when you’re working directly on Figma’s canvas.

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TIP 01.

Navigate Nested

You can navigate nested layers within a Figma document by holding down CTRL or CMD (depending on your platform) then right-clicking on the page. 

TIP 02.

Move the Selection Box During Selection

When you’re drawing out a selection box to try and grab a bunch of items, if you hold down SPACE you can actually move the selection area.

TIP 03.


You can zoom in and out of a page in Figma much like you can with a lot of applications; hold down CTRL or CMD and hitting the + or - key, but you can add some precision to the process too.

TIP 04.

Zoom Directly Into
an Object

Another way to zoom directly into an object is to double-click on its icon in the layers panel.

TIP 05.

“Nudge” Pan
Around Canvas

Figma allows you to do what’s called “nudge panning”. Hold down z and hit the arrow keys to perform small nudges around the canvas. For larger nudges hold down SHIFT + Z then hit the arrow keys.