Layers Panel Tips

Layers Panel Tips

This is the first in a series of thirteen chapters, each one a small collection of Figma tips and tricks to help you learn something specific.

So let’s begin with some tips to speed up working with the layers panel.

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TIP 01.

Layer Groups Auto Delete When Empty

In many design applications, by deleting sublayers (or child layers) the main parent layer will still remain intact.

TIP 02.

Unlock or Unhide All Objects

You can unlock or unhide all objects at once by typing CMD + / or CTRL + / (depending on your platform).

TIP 03.

Super-Fast Layer Renaming

When renaming layers you can hit TAB to skip quickly to the next one. Hitting SHIFT + TAB will take you back up the list, renaming as you go.

TIP 04.

Collapse and Expand Multiple Layers

To expand multiple layers at once, start by selecting the layers you want in the layers panel to the left.

TIP 05.

Quickly Toggle
Visibility and Locking

To quickly lock a whole bunch of layers in Figma, just click a layer “lock” icon and drag down until you’ve locked all you need (the same applies in reverse for unlocking layers).