Handoff and Testing Tips

Handoff and Testing Tips

Smooth collaboration with developers is a huge part of what Figma offers designers, so in this collection of tips and tricks we’ll be looking at handoff and testing!

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TIP 01.

Output Via the
Code Tab

When your designs have reached a point where they need to be handed off and coded up, look in the Code tab to the left of the screen. 

TIP 02.

Generate Code
Ready For Pasting

Figma lets you generate code and have it put directly onto your clipboard so that it’s ready for pasting into a code editor.

TIP 03.

Test on Mobile With Figma’s Mirror App

Figma provide a mirror app (available on Android and iOS) which will help test your design on mobile.

TIP 04.

Use Figma’s Mirror App in the Browser

You can also use Figma’s Mirror app in the browser by visiting www.figma.com/mirror

TIP 05.

Turn on “Pixel Preview” to Check Raster Output

You can check your vector graphics to see how they’ll look exported as raster graphics